Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Touch Beyond Words

She floats in my tentative arms,
Like the first rays of a late spring sun.
My feet on the wet grass below,
And my eyes looking at her infinite dreams.

Dreams so vividly intertwined as if a web,
That makes me unable to see myself in them.
This dents my selfish ego a bit,
And shakes my already tentative arms.

Thoughts ranging from intense passion to acute isolation,
From a sea of hope to a plane of apathy.
Almost everything catches her imagination,
And anything rarely leaves an impact.

Her fingers entangled between mine,
Desperately trying to fill the silence.
Emotions cascading with every movement,
With warmth pouring from her wet palms.

Her touch cuts through my skin with deft strokes,
And starts empowering my movements.
Providing impetus to the racing red fluid,
It paralyses every obstacle during its course.

The touch transforms into a black mamba,
Hissing its way over my senses.
It heightens my levitation prowess,
And snatches my feet off the wet grass.

My hair flowing freely in the air,
And the rays filtering my soul.
With my head completely blackened,
Moves me closer to her insides.

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