Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Flight

Let’s just start with something……..
I just annoyed my girlfriend for the nth time and she hung up on me God! How does she take it…I mean so many times the same thing repeats……….
Again n again n again….

What else what else….tick tock tick tock….

As time flies with its motionless wings, galloping on a Trojan horse’s back,
I’m sitting in front of this machine trying to find my way into the skies…Yeah right up there………..
No it’s not the indifference towards everything human, or towards the things around them…
It’s the Flight…
My hair floating, hands spread, the air flowing between my fingers and through my soul…A peculiar odor piercing my nostrils, an odor I’ve been searching all my life which sends my head in a trans……..

The Flight……. Yes…and how can I forget the various variables that’ll follow that flight… glory, fulfillment, satisfaction…… everything that’s fodder for my tired ego… an ego that has been battered and bruised due to my fight for the Flight…..

The Flight…….
What is it?? Why do I keep yearning for it knowing that it might lead to a complete blackout?? A blackout that’ll be eternal…. How am I going to achieve it?? What will help me break all the shackles??
The central ideas, the theme that’ll help me tie all that is flying around me with a thread…hold it and keep it within my grasp so that I can pull it towards me, all of them, together and in the desired order....

The pitfalls…I don’t know where it actually starts…so many of them….plenty of them in herds actually…..is it the diverse nature of the thoughts or their randomness or the lethargic atmosphere around me which isn’t leaving me with much choice….or is it the lack of focusing on a particular person or thought or a situation…

How am I supposed to put an end to all this?? Either I succumb to things that seem more obvious and kill that part inside me that I love the most or
I continue walking in a blackened hall which has some illumination in the form of light from sources which are not meant for it and continue chasing for what I believe is the reason for my existence…

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Janmajay said...

great dude u really deserve to be appretiated