Monday, September 8, 2008

Live your DReam

No words are good enough to describe an honest attempt. However, I’ll try to do so. Rock On clicks because it has all the ingredients of a good recipe. Well scripted, equally well executed, commendably performed, sounds fresh, stays with you for some duration and completes the journey which it starts.
Yes it lacks the nuances which we associate with a rock band-marijuana rings, booty flashing, booze splashing, psychic breakdowns and all the hysteria. But the soul of a rock band is pretty much there in Magik. It’s in a league of its own and has his own elements which ape nobody.
Rock On is about a rock band called Magik who aren’t able to make it big because of certain lapses within the band as well as a crude music market where people give spotlight to features that has nothing to do with creativity. There eventual reunion is orchestrated by Aditya’s (band’s vocalist) wife who realizes that her husband is trying to run away from something which is affecting their relationship. K D (drummer) is looking after his father’s jewelry store and holds precious stones like drum sticks. Rob (keyboard player) makes jingles for Anu Malik and watches his originality being killed everyday. Joe (lead guitarist) refuses to go Rob’s way and like Aditya isn’t able to let the past go.
The present as well as the past runs simultaneously which blends pain with nostalgia.
It’s about the biggest question that every single individual faces in his life. To live for ones needs or ones dreams. To become a slave of the order of the day, or its master. And it shows the aftermath which is playing to the gallery actually, but true.
Farhan lends freshness (much needed) to the script as well as the soundtrack, had any known face done the role the authenticity of the role would’ve diminished; Mr. Rampal has actually picked a role carefully where he doesn’t has to do much and look his usual self which is the demand of his role. Rest of the cast is impressive in their usual bits.
Rock On is yet another chapter in the changing face of Indian cinema. So it’s a double treat for a rock fan whose heart yearns for a good Indian movie.


saba said...

very nice review....i m impressed....u shud try writing reviews for some newspaper...every word is used in a very balanced way....

rohitswain said...

One of the turning pointS in Indian Cinema..