Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Broken Embraces

Woke up this morning, you were gone,
Left my dwelling, for a shore afar.
Remember the night; it was lovely and temperate,
Held you at breath’s distance,
How did you break free?

Soaring above on a warm breeze,
Floating in arms to destinations infinite.
My eyes locked yours, dreams intertwined,
We didn’t call love, we kissed its peak
How could you break free?

Your face gleamed, my vision complete.
Our hands talked, our souls walked.
In unison as one, whole as none.
We rowed till dawn, the sun was about to come on.
When did you break free?

Here it comes and washes me off,
Your heavy odor, hardest to let go,
My kisses your neck, your hair my brow,
Your lips my fingers, our bodies like none before.
Why did you break free?

I suffer in the chest of God,
For my chest is not mine anymore
Runs like a Trojan horse,
In empty landscapes of mourn
That which was once your clown, my heart.


arpit said...

this is beautiful my frnd!!!!!!!!!

Saad said...

Great, Sir! u've w0ven a dream

ahmad raza said...

thanks guys!!

SHANI said...

"Runs like a Trojan horse"
Nice expression in your superb work.
It reminds me of all the aggression from Greek mythology.. :)

mann said...

its nice ahmed..i liked it..and like u said not my genre though....bt how does it matter until u r getting to explore another's ambit of thoughts.