Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Wet Force

I woke up by the noise of the windowpanes
Piercing the calmness of this place in tranquility
I looked up in the sky, all black
It was going to rain.
I grabbed my shirt locked my room went out.
As i was opening the gates i heard something
The music of the trees, beating against each other
Every single leaf was filled with joy
And was dancing with pleasure.
Mingled with the sound of thunder
It was quite a combination.
But it was the cool breeze that was dominating
And filled every single atom of my blood with ecstasy.
I took a heavenly ride in that wet atmosphere
A cosmic force kept me there
Away from my room for a long time.
Somethings don't really change
Especially the feeling of Walking in the rain.

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smriti said...

its really very gud....:)