Thursday, June 18, 2015

Without you

Four months without you,

The songs in your voice, the magic in your laugh.
The warmth of your bosom, the tenderness in your touch.
Your eyes, your moans, your restlessness,
The taste of your mouth, the aroma of your flesh.
Time standing still in your embrace, heart beating against the chest like cymbals.

At any moment, in any hour, helplessness,
With the blink an eyelid, in a sudden flash, trepidation.

With you, without you, a war rages;
Loosely held by the flimsiest thread of sanity.

Painfully swinging in the moments of our togetherness,
With arms open wide trying to snatch you from lost time.

Each passing day, reality slitting the throat of innocence,
A sharp razor cutting through the flesh of life.
A sad scary primitive song,
Wildly composing itself in the din of this loveless night.


Abhinav Dixit said...

Sir u wrote dis ?

Raza said...

Yes my dear...this is my blog.