Saturday, January 10, 2009

the cosmic divide

Gabriel: O Lord! Why do you choose to send him down?

God: Wipe your tears Gabriel, he will come back.

Gabriel: The birth of life exalted creation,
And taught me envy when I bowed,
Made me believe him a superior being
His departure makes my vanity go vain.

God: O Gabriel! Only one disparity exist,
That set you and Adam apart
Being my companion for so long,
You can see the boundaries and he can’t.

Gabriel: What boundaries my Lord!
I don’t know any!

God: The border! O Gabriel! Look down.
And see my Satan standing on the other side,
Your brother, who questioned my capability,
And was expelled yesterday.

Adam is unaware for I didn’t tell him
The plight of those who don’t recognize.

The line which was drawn,
On the day Satan betrayed me,
And declared his parallel universe,
With evil and indulgence as its mast.

I send Adam with the power to reason,
The power to challenge and realize,
May he resurrect my poise!
Which Satan so brutally crucified.

Gabriel: But why don’t you choose to educate him?

God: I educate him Gabriel,
Through the vessel of experience
The mother of all teachers
And the father of all trial.

The mother shows the streak,
That treads between good and evil.
Bouquet of thorns paved,
Glorifying the judgment between love and hate.

Gabriel: Lord! Your words are fodder to my imagination,
And your creation supreme.
Being supreme its repercussion can be extreme
And the resurrection might rebound.

God: Do not be scared my Gabriel!
For I do see the divide created,
By him amongst themselves,
Metamorphose into sects, nations, communities,
Forgetting my message and going blind.

Gabriel: Then what makes you throw him,
Into that goblet of suffering and conflict.

God: Gabriel! This defines the border between you and me,
I see the unseen and revel in the unknown, foresight.
The Creator bears a state-of-the-art arrogance,
More so than any Satan.

Adam will justify the cosmic arrogance,
With attainment being his sole object,
Spread my word as he masters the cradle,
Be my messenger as well as audience,
My God as well as Satan.

Gabriel: Go Adam! Best of luck.
In the name of the Lord,
The most beneficent and merciful.

This is my entry for a poetry contest being conducted by Harper Collins!!

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sim said...

wat a lord talk!