Thursday, August 7, 2008

a pair of ass and a tinch of nostalgia

My ass has just been thrust in between two large pair of buttocks, as seen through the searching eyes of a timid five year old boy whose head is slightly out of proportion than the rest of his body. Back in those days of my childhood, or anyone’s childhood, the classification of objects was primarily done in terms of its size, completely ignoring its beauty, texture, or any other trait that it seem to have. The smell of fresh female flesh coming from each body on my either side, piercing my nostrils, making me twitch in that virtual stillness.
Both girls start giggling in their respective harmonics, partly at the arrangement of our respective selves and partly because of my apprehension it seems.
“So how many brothers and sisters do u have?” asks one of them in Hindi. I didn’t quite Understood the question. Is she talking about just me and my sister or my cousins too? “Nau (nine)”. I replied counting the cousins from my father’s side. The cousins from my mother’s side were too much for me to count and I’d just one real sister which seemed too less a number to tell them at that time. “Bus Nau!!” exclaims one of them. They giggle some more and then their voice fades in my memory as it has been coming from some distant source.
It’s hard to believe that I still remember the exact nature of the incident that took place some seventeen years ago. I’ve just been admitted into a new school in class prep and this was just one of my earliest memories.

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rohitswain said...

Who were the gals?
You even remember the Prep class days...I can't even think beyond 3rd..